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Make all your meetings collaborative and fun

Boost your team's productivity by sharing and co-editing windows on CoScreen from any Webex meeting with a single click.

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Benefits of using CoScreen in Webex

Connect from any Webex meeting on CoScreen to collaborate like never before

Multi-user collaboration on shared windows using mouse and keyboard

1. More engaging meetings.

Teams who run their 1:1s and team meetings on CoScreen for Webex spend up to 50% less time in sessions because it helps everyone get on the same page faster than any other platform.

2. Blazingly-fast collaboration.

Master hand-offs between presenters with one click. Co-edit any Word or Excel document, any code editor, any browser app, any desktop app - any app, as if they'd have built-in multi-user collaboration capabilities.

3. Teamwork, supercharged.

No matter if you use CoScreen for Webex to onboard a customer to a new product, debug a problem with your team, or do a highly interactive team standup, CoScreen for Webex gets your team to the next level.

Use CoScreen for Webex to work with your team on a whole new level.

How to get started

Prerequisites and quick start guide to collaborate on CoScreen in under 2 minutes.


Step 1: Start a Webex Meeting

Open Webex Meetings and create a new meeting.

Step 2: Add CoScreen to Webex

Click the "Apps" button on the bottom right corner of Webex and add/open CoScreen.

Step 3: Set up CoScreen

Download CoScreen for macOS and Windows if you haven't yet.

Sign in with your CoScreen account in the CoScreen for Webex app.

Download CoScreen and sign in to CoScreen in Webex

Step 4: Join a CoScreen from Webex

Click "Enable Deep Collaboration Mode". CoScreen will launch and join the particular meeting automatically in the background if you have installed the app on your computer.

Enable Deep Collaboration Mode in your Webex meeting

Step 5: Invite other participants

Send them the link to join you on CoScreen in parallel to the Webex meeting or click on "Open Together" so they'll join automatically if they have installed CoScreen.

For users who don't have CoScreen installed, share your screen on Webex so they can see what the collaborators on CoScreen today.

Invite other participants to deeply collaborate with you in CoScreen for Webex

The best use cases for CoScreen

Learn more about CoScreen

  • Pricing: Start by using CoScreen for free and switch to CoScreen Pro once you need an unlimited number of sessions and advanced features (details here).
  • Get a deep dive on CoScreen's main features: getting started guide.

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