Slack + CoScreen

Boost remote collaboration with CoScreen for Slack

Slack was already great for asynchronous work. Now you can go beyond chat and get things done together through CoScreen for Slack. Share and edit any app collaboratively on a joint workspace.

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CoScreen enables us to onboard new remote engineers in 30% less time.
Kevin Zhang
Senior Software Engineer at Salesforce/Quip
CoScreen truly revolutionizes screen sharing
Bernardo de Albergaria
Former VP & GM of Collaboration at Atlassian, Citrix, and GoToMeeting
CoScreen is a game changer for remote work.
Jason Culbertson
Design Leader at Shopify, Airbnb, and Yammer

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Multi-user editing

You and your teammates can simultaneously control any shared app - 2-3x faster than Zoom.


screen sharing

Share any desktop or browser app with a single click from any of your displays. Your teammates can do it at the same time, side-by-side.

Effective pair programming

Collaborative terminal

A shared terminal that lets you run commands, debug, and write code collaboratively and securely with near-zero latency.


Crystal-clear video chat & calling

Call each other with high-quality audio chat and flexible video layouts that won't wear you out.

Learn more about common use cases for CoScreen.

Get the CoScreen app for Slack and collaborate an order of magnitude deeper

Collaborate across any desktop applications with a true multiplayer experience.

1. Install the CoScreen app on your computer and the CoScreen Slack app in your Slack workspace.

2. Type /coscreen in any Slack channel.

3. Collaborate using multi-user screen sharing, remote control, audio & video chat from any Slack channel.

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, CoScreen is a better way to build great things together via Slack.

Comparison of CoScreen and SLack

CoScreen vs. Slack Calls

Make Slack even better through Deep Collaboration via CoScreen for Slack.


Example/User Journey

for Slack

Slack Calls

Single User
Screen Sharing
  • Share the problem:
    Alice shares her terminal window with Bob to show where a build script is failing.
Multi User
Screen Sharing
  • Get on the same page:
    At the same time, Bob shares his VS Code window to show her the latest code changes he was working on.
  • Both can see both windows, side-by-side.
Single User
Remote Control
  • Analyze the context:
    Alice and Bob can both interact with Alice's window using mouse & keyboard to see why it worked in prior runs.
Multi User
Remote Control
  • Multi user debugging:
    Alice and Bob can also both interact with Bob's window to tweak the code where the app compiles again.
Cross-User Copy & Pasting
  • Multi user fixing:
    Alice copies the new command parameter from Bob's code editor and paste it into her terminal and runs the command.
Mob Debugging
With More Than 2 Users
  • Multi user code review:
    Chris, Dennis and Eve join Alice and Bob to review the changes before they push it to production because it is an urgent issue.