CoScreen truly revolutionizes screen sharing
Bernardo de Albergaria
VP & GM of Collaboration at Atlassian, Citrix, GoToMeeting
CoScreen is a game changer for remote work.
Jason Culbertson
Design Leader at Airbnb, Unity, Yammer

Why CoScreen?

This is how remote software development and other agile teams get work done together instead of just to chat about it.

Screen Sharing

Drag & drop any application window into CoScreen to share them on your joint team desktop - and multiple users can do that at the same time!

Remote Control

Collaborate in real time on any app as if it was a multiplayer game. Interact with any app using mouse & keyboard. Copy & paste across apps from different users.

Personal &

Share one or multiple windows and keep the rest private. The intuitive and foolproof way to screen share.

Simultaneous screen sharing

Multiple users can share any app window by drag & drop and by floating tabs above each window.

Multi-user mouse & keyboard

Anybody can move, click, and type into any shared app at the same time with near-realtime latency.

Multi-user copying & pasting

Copy & paste content across each other's windows. Mary can copy content from Alice's window and paste it into Bob's.

Audio chat

Talk to each other with a single click by simply unmuting yourself.

Learn more about the use cases and how CoScreen helps teams like yours.

Try CoScreen

CoScreen is a desktop application currently available as a free private beta for macOS (request access). Windows & Linux support will come soon. But don't wait to sign up, we are working tirelessly to give access to more and more teams.

Get access to the private beta of CoScreen.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Using is CoScreen is easy. Let's answer a few questions you might have before you get started.

I'd like to use CoScreen, where do I begin?

CoScreen is currently available to a few teams as part of our private beta. Request access if you want to be a part of it. We are working tirelessly to invite more and more teams over the next weeks, stay tuned!

Is CoScreen available on macOS, Windows, Linux, Mobile, or Web?

macOS: yes, as part of our private beta (request access above)
Windows, Linux, Mobile, Web: coming soon

This sounds like voodoo, how exactly does it work?

We're combining collaborative computing principles which were pioneered by Doug Engelbart & team in the 1960s with remote desktop features, custom high performance video streaming and last but not least our secret sauce to negotiate individually what each user sees and controls.

CoScreen is build on a highly intuitive concept yet getting it right was a long journey requiring us to build dozens of individual prototypes. But now you can collaborate with your peers without being disrupted in your work. Stay tuned and try it our yourself.

How much does CoScreen cost?

CoScreen is free during the beta phase. Please reach out to us if you have specific questions e.g. regarding future enterprise pricing.

Is CoScreen secure?

Handling your data safely and securely is our top priority. We're developing CoScreen with enterprise compliance as a top requirement as many large corporations have signed up to use CoScreen and most of us have spent 10+ years in enterprise IT ourselves. You'll always be in control of what's being shared and what isn't, it is encrypted and we're not recording any shared screen content unless you choose so (once there is a screen recording feature).