Remote agile collaboration

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Remote agile collaboration

Collaborating together in an entirely new way across your team

Agile teams rely on a variety of tools and quick iterations through processes like sprints and sprint demos. In a fast-paced environment, making sure everyone is on the same page can be overwhelming.

CoScreen enables seamless collaboration and exchange of information in a way you only grasp once you've tried it. Definitely a game-changer. We use it all the time.

Anthony Marchante
Senior Platform Engineer

CoScreen makes coding, pairing and video chatting as easy as a single click while keeping all our existing dev tools.

Michaël Ohayon
Development Manager

Other screen sharing tools have crippling limitations, usually about bandwidth and functionally - CoScreen solves both issues very neatly.

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Juho Rautioaho
Software Architect

I've been pushing use of CoScreen as a replacement for Zoom in situations where I want to share a window with the people I'm working with. Using CoScreen is a much more natural experience and it feels like it should be built-in to every OS.

Joël Franusic
Principal Developer Advocate
Collaboration features for agile teams

The benefits of collaborating using CoScreen

Multi-user screen sharing and control

Click, type or copy & paste into any shared app - so you and your team can collaborate better than ever!

Simultaneous app sharing

Share any desktop application with a single click. Your teammates can do it too at the same time, side-by-side so you will always be on the same page.

Shared understanding

CoScreen allows for true visibility for your team to immediately see what everyone has been up to and align faster on what really matters e.g. in sprint demos and sprint reviews.

Subtle audio & video chat

We know you probably have over 5 meetings a day and it's exhausting! This is why we made sure our crystal clear audio and video communication won't wear you out.

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Comparing CoScreen to other collaboration tools

What's different about collaborating using CoScreen

Don't settle for anything that doesn't make your team get on the same page with less friction, low latency and high interactivity.


Example/User Journey


Pairing Tools

Single User
Screen Sharing
  • Alice shares her VS Code window (or any other desktop application window) with Bob.
Multi User
Screen Sharing
  • Alice shares her VS Code window with Bob.
  • At the same time, Bob shares his Terminal window with Alice.
  • Both sees both windows, side-by-side.
Single User
Remote Control
  • Alice and Bob can both interact with Alice's window using mouse & keyboard without taking each other's window focus away.
Multi User
Remote Control
  • Alice and Bob can interact with Alice's window.
  • Alice and Bob can interact with Bob's window.

Copy & Pasting

  • Alice copies text from her window and pastes it into Bob's window and vice versa.
Mob Collaboration
With More Than 2 Users
  • Chris, Dennis and Eve join Alice and Bob's to collaborate, share and contribute just like they do.

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