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Make coding interviews more engaging through simultaneous editing on any IDE or desktop application, multi-user screen sharing, and built-in audio and video chat.

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Better remote interviews for developers

A new way to do coding interviews remotely

The remote interview process with its spotty connections, misheard sentences, and enhanced levels of awkwardness is making hiring the right candidate a lot harder.

CoScreen enables seamless collaboration and exchange of information in a way you only grasp once you've tried it. Definitely a game-changer. We use it all the time.

Anthony Marchante
Sr. Platform Engineer

The beauty with CoScreen, I don't have to be someone's puppet on the keyboard, I can just hand them control over it - it is huge!

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Sherif Abushadi
Educator & Technologist

As a regular user of this product, it's hard to imagine how to work without CoScreen anymore, especially in a remote team.

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Tim Chen
Senior Developer at Grid.AI

CoScreen makes coding, pairing and video chatting as easy as a single click while keeping all our existing dev tools.

Michaël Ohayon
Development Manager
Technical interview features

The benefits of using CoScreen for remote coding interviews

Multi-user code editing

Pair program and collaborate with your candidate on real-world problems, projects, and tools.

Collaborate on any IDE

No more Emacs vs. VS Code!CoScreen enables you to interview candidates in any language or environment - even emulators, debuggers and command line tools.

Subtle audio & video chat

Interviewing can be exhausting and this is why we made sure our crystal-clear audio and video communication feature will not wear you out.

Google Calendar integration

Integrate CoScreen into your interview process easily by inviting candidates via a link or using our calendar integration via the CoScreen Chrome extension.

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Comparing CoScreen to other collaboration tools

What's different about teaching coding with CoScreen

Don't settle for anything that doesn't make your students get on the same page with less friction, low latency and high interactivity.


Example/User Journey


Pairing Tools

Single User
Screen Sharing
  • Alice shares her VS Code window (or any other desktop application window) with Bob.
Multi User
Screen Sharing
  • Alice shares her VS Code window with Bob.
  • At the same time, Bob shares his Terminal window with Alice.
  • Both sees both windows, side-by-side.
Single User
Remote Control
  • Alice and Bob can both interact with Alice's window using mouse & keyboard without taking each other's window focus away.
Multi User
Remote Control
  • Alice and Bob can interact with Alice's window.
  • Alice and Bob can interact with Bob's window.

Copy & Pasting

  • Alice copies text from her window and pastes it into Bob's window and vice versa.
Mob Collaboration
With More Than 2 Users
  • Chris, Dennis and Eve join Alice and Bob's to collaborate, share and contribute just like they do.

Seamlessly collaborate on whatever app you prefer

Collaborate with your team on any IDE, dev tool, desktop and web application.

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