CoScreen + Slack

The Ultimate Synchronous & Asychronous Collaboration Workflow

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Use CoScreen with Slack to get stuff done faster. Regular chat is great for casual conversations and handling simple issues and questions that don't require much additional context. To tackle those tricker topics you can now jump straight into CoScreen to get things sorted out faster with multi-user screen sharing and crystal clear audio, e.g. for code and design reviews, debugging, and brainstorming.

  1. Install the CoScreen Slack app in your workspace.
  2. Type '/coscreen' in any Slack channel and click on 'Join' whenever you want to collaborate with each other (e.g. when a chat via Slack would just go on forever because someone is missing some context). You will be prompted to download the desktop app if not yet installed.
  3. Done! The app will launch automatically and take you to a CoScreen directly associated with the channel or DM conversation you triggered it from.

If you have any questions, check out our help portal or drop us a mail.