CoScreen truly revolutionizes screen sharing
Bernardo de Albergaria
VP & GM of Collaboration at Atlassian, Citrix, GoToMeeting

Simultaneous screen sharing

Multiple users can share application windows simultaneously on a joint desktop.

Multi-user mouse & keyboard

Anybody can move, click, and type into any shared app at the same time.

Multi-user copying & pasting

Copy & paste content across each other's windows so Mary can copy content from Alice's window and paste it into Bob's.

Audio & video chat

Talk to each other and see other with a single click to get on the same page on all levels.

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Remote pairing is not only about sharing your IDE

Collaborative IDEs are helpful tools for pair programmers. But you often need to collaborate on much more than code, e.g. on emulators, command line tools and issue management systems. CoScreen enables you to collaborate across all of them and also any other desktop applications.

This illustration was inspired by Clemens Mewald's presentation at the TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018.

Because CoScreen enables you to share and collaborate on any desktop and browser application, it enables the perfect combination for users of collaborative IDEs like Virtual Studio Code Live Share,, TeleType for Atom, and GitDuck as you can now work together on more than just code.

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, CoScreen is a better way to create software together.

Windows and Linux coming soon (request access).

Remote Pair Programming using CoScreen
vs. Other Pair Programming Tools

  Radically interactive, absolutely intuitive.


Example/User Journey


Pairing Tools

Single User
Screen Sharing
  • Alice shares her VS Code window (or any other desktop application window) with Bob.
Multi User
Screen Sharing
  • Alice shares her VS Code window with Bob.
  • At the same time, Bob shares his Terminal window with Alice.
  • Both sees both windows, side-by-side.
Single User
Remote Control
  • Alice and Bob can both interact with Alice's window using mouse & keyboard without taking each other's window focus away.
Multi User
Remote Control
  • Alice and Bob can interact with Alice's window.
  • Alice and Bob can interact with Bob's window.

Copy & Pasting

  • Alice copies text from her window and pastes it into Bob's window and vice versa.
Mob Collaboration
With More Than 2 Users
  • Chris, Dennis and Eve join Alice and Bob's to collaborate, share and contribute just like they do.