Remote debugging

Debug code 30% faster together. For free.

Build and debug software together with up to 10 developers on a joint desktop. Simultaneous screen sharing and editing of any IDE and dev tool without giving up your privacy.

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Debug and pair program with CoScreen

A new way to find and fix bugs together

CoScreen enables you to develop software with your team as if you were on the same computer.

CoScreen makes coding, pairing and video chatting as easy as a single click while keeping all our existing dev tools.

Michaël Ohayon
Development Manager

CoScreen makes developing and debugging mobile apps much easier as a team than any other tool we’ve tried.

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Kevin Zhang
Senior Software Engineer

I’ve been using it daily for about 2 weeks now and have found it’s very easy to use and a very useful tool. In my current work, I am full time pairing with a teammate, and CoScreen is the best pairing tool we’ve used so far.

Anthony Marchante,
Sr. Platform Engineer

CoScreen is probably the easiest way to do pair programming and dev collaboration that there is.

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Luis Capelo
Co-founder & CTO
Collaborative debugging features

The Benefits of using CoScreen

Multi-user code editing

Up to 10 developers can edit any IDE and shared desktop application using mouse and keyboard, 2-3x faster than Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Simultaneous app sharing

Share any IDE or dev tool with your peers with a single click. Your teammates can do it too at the same time and side-by-side.

Shared knowledge

Solve the most complex issues together on a joint desktop where everyone is instantly on the same page.

Subtle audio & video chat

Crystal clear audio and video communication that never wears you out or makes you fatigued.

Ready to take your debugging skills to the next level?

Ready to take your pair programming efforts to the next level?

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Comparing CoScreen to other pair Debugging tools

What's different about collaborative debugging  with CoScreen

Don't settle for anything that doesn't make your team get on the same page with less friction, low latency and high interactivity.


Example/User Journey


Pairing Tools

Single User
Screen Sharing
  • Alice shares her VS Code window (or any other desktop application window) with Bob.
Multi User
Screen Sharing
  • Alice shares her VS Code window with Bob.
  • At the same time, Bob shares his Terminal window with Alice.
  • Both sees both windows, side-by-side.
Single User
Remote Control
  • Alice and Bob can both interact with Alice's window using mouse & keyboard without taking each other's window focus away.
Multi User
Remote Control
  • Alice and Bob can interact with Alice's window.
  • Alice and Bob can interact with Bob's window.
Cross-User Copy & Pasting
  • Alice copies text from her window and pastes it into Bob's window and vice versa.
Mob Collaboration
With More Than 2 Users
  • Chris, Dennis and Eve join Alice and Bob's to collaborate, share and contribute just like they do.

Seamlessly collaborate on whatever app you prefer

Collaborate with your team on any IDE, dev tool, desktop and web application.

Remote debugging is not only about sharing your IDE

Collaborative IDEs are helpful tools for pair programmers. But you often need to collaborate on much more than code, e.g. on emulators, command line tools and issue management systems. CoScreen enables you to collaborate across all of them and also any other desktop applications.

This illustration was inspired by Clemens Mewald's presentation at the TensorFlow Dev Summit 2018.

Because CoScreen enables you to share and collaborate on any desktop and browser application, it enables the perfect combination for users of collaborative IDEs like Virtual Studio Code Live Share,, TeleType for Atom, and GitDuck as you can now work together on more than just code.

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Explore more ways to use CoScreen

Learn and teach coding 30% faster

Teachers and students can write software together through multi-user screen sharing.

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Interview more effectively

Make coding interviews more engaging through simultaneous editing on any IDE or desktop app.

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Get new developers up to speed 30% faster

Drive new team members through your codebase and toolchain interactively.

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