Add your team on CoScreen

Invite your collaborators to work with you using CoScreen.

  • Get the CoScreen sticker pack: invite* at least 3 new CoScreen users
  • Get the legendary CoScreen mug: invite* at least 4 new CoScreen users

You can invite users right from within the CoScreen app and we will contact you once you once at least three of them have become active on CoScreen*. Don't hesitate to reach out us if you have any questions.

Want to spread the word on CoScreen publicly? Learn here how to become a Deep Collaboration Advocate and get even more great stuff.

* Limited to one sticker pack/mug per users and as long as our supply lasts. Only valid for direct invites using the email or add-a-collaborator options—indirect signups via a shared link are not counted. Active users means they have collaborated at least once with another user on CoScreen.