A radically different remote collaboration platform for developers

CoScreen™ turns your secondary display into your joint team desktop. Share windows via drag & drop, collaborate remotely via mouse & keyboard, each user gets their own mouse pointer. Now available for selected teams during our beta - .

Please sign up and stay tuned while we're giving more and more teams access to the next major release of CoScreen. Windows & Linux users, please fill out this form to help us prioritize which OS to tackle next and to keep you in the loop.

Any window you drag & drop onto your secondary display will be shared instantly with your team and vice versa. Your main display stays private but all team members can control any window shared on CoScreen using mouse and keyboard simultaneously. Please note that the video above shows two macOS users and one Microsoft Windows user but the latter isn't supported publicly by CoScreen yet. Sign up here to help us prioritize which OS to support next and to keep you in the loop.

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And by the way, we're hiring.

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CoScreen takes the boundaries between computers away and makes real-time collaboration absolutely seamless. No need to call each other, simply drag & drop and you’re online - as if you and your peers were working on the same computer, side by side. 100% democratic, 100% agile, no extra hardware required.

Free to use

  • CoScreen is entirely free during the beta phase
  • You can invite up to 5 other users
  • Let us know if you need additional invites

Instant Screen Sharing

  • Seamless sharing of windows via drag & drop
  • Simultaneous sharing of windows by multiple team members on the same joint desktop
  • Everyone can present at the same time

Agile Remote Control & Communication

  • Multiple mouse pointers, one for each user
  • Any team member can move, resize and click into any window*
  • Any team member can type into any window*
  • Talk to each other by simply unmuting yourself

Highly Secure

  • Encrypted in real-time
  • AES-256

Even more to come...

  • Clients for various operating systems, web & mobile
  • Integration into physical meeting rooms
  • 3rd party add-ons
  • And much more…


We are a distributed team who have used pretty much every remote collaboration solution out there. They require 10+ clicks just to launch and to share a window, only one user can share windows at a time, only one user can control at a time and the worst of all - you have to go through the same laborious process time and time again, even if you interact with the same team several times a day.

That's why we've launched CoScreen out of a corporate moonshot project - to realize an entirely new approach to agile collaboration (international patents pending). And by the way - if you want to contribute in any form, drop us a mail at hello@coscreen.co or apply now on AngelList.

Simultaneous Remote Collaboration for Agile Teams

Use Cases

CoScreen is the best fit for use cases in which you have a tight team that collaborates frequently. If you want team members to share information in an absolutely fluent manner, e.g. by showing and interacting with shared windows side-by-side, CoScreen is made for you.

  • Agile Software Development

    - Extreme/Pair Programming
    - Code Review & Bug Fixing
    - Sprint Demos & Reviews
  • Collaborative
 UX/UI Design

    - Co-Design
    - User Research & Design Thinking
    - Usability Testing
  • DevOps, Release & Change Management

    - Cross-Team Collaboration
    - System Orchestration & Monitoring
    - Integration Testing
  • Real-time Collaboration when Co-located

    - Multiple users presenting concurrently on a public display
    - E.g. in meeting rooms, class rooms, or team spaces

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