Find and join CoScreen meetings with a single click from the legendary calendar app Fantastical.

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How to enable the Fantastical integration with CoScreen

Use legendary calendar app Fantastical (Mac App of the Year 2020) with CoScreen to collaborate even more seamlessly.

Benefits of the CoScreen/Fantastical integration

  • Faster access to collaboration sessions from Fantastical to CoScreen
  • Identify CoScreen sessions within Fantastical at a glance

Setup Steps

Step 1

Copy the link to CoScreen within the CoScreen app.

Step 2

Paste the link into the location field of an appointment into your Fantastical calendar (or open any appointment that already has a CoScreen link in it).

Step 3

Fantastical will recognize automatically that it is a CoScreen link, show a CoScreen icon right next to it, and you'll be able to join the CoScreen meeting with a single click.


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Additional Information


Fantastical 3.3.8


April 20, 2021




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