We've been busy for the last couple of months as we've got the opportunity to put a rockstar team together to develop the v2 of CoScreen which comes with an even more seamless user experience, high quality screen sharing and near-realtime latency for remote input. It's now in private beta and the first teams are using it on a daily basis. Download CoScreen if you want to try it out.

CoScreen enables multiple users to share windows with each other at the same time in a super seamless way and everyone can interact simultaneously with any shared window. No matter if you are an engineering team who needs to sort out a critical issue, review a complex merge request, or keep the lights on during system maintenance, or a product team who simply wants to get things done faster together - CoScreen is made for you, no matter if you already were a remote pioneer or have suddenly found yourself in this new reality.

We've also just launched our new website (coscreen.co) and our new video which shows you how exactly CoScreen works with its new sleek UI:

Last but not least, this blog is also new and over the next weeks we will share how we're using CoScreen to develop CoScreen and how the first beta users use it to collaborate better than ever.

Stay tuned and drop us a mail whenever you have any questions or feedback: hello@coscreen.co.