May 01, 2019 / by Team Coscreen / In General

This Is The Beginning

Welcome to Project Coscreen. We are excited to reveal an unique approach to remote collaboration for agile teams. We are a team of engineers and product managers who have tried probably almost every single remote collaboration out there as part of our daily work.

Each with over 10 years in software & digital, we were as frustrated about the friction they create for agile teams as you probably still are. No matter if you are in the same room or not even in the same office, country or continent - they require 10+ clicks just to share a window, only one user can share windows at a time, usually only one user can have mouse & keyboard control at a time and the worst of it all - you have go through the same laborious process time and time again, even if you interact with the same team several times a day.

That’s why we’ve come up with Coscreen - an entirely new approach to agile collaboration. 100% democratic, 100% agile, no additional hardware required, no need to call anyone, simply drag & drop and you’re online as if your team was working on the same desktop, side by side. We have found it to make teams dramatically more productive and we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned for new features and announcements while we’re wrapping up our alpha, keep telling us what you think or let us know via mail to in case you want to contribute in any way.